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Sunday, August 06, 2006

An Idiot With An Apple

So some idiot decides to throw an apple on the green right after Tiger putts??? I would love to know what the real story is. Was the guy pro Tiger or against Tiger?? The sad part about it is that it is possible that he (or she) is not a Tiger fan. How can any golfer anywhere not be a Tiger fan?? We should consider ourselves lucky just to be able to witness greatness. To be able to see Michael Jordan's whole career was a sports blessing in itself, but now to be along for the ride with Tiger as he re-writes all of the record books, is unbelievable. At this point of his career , he has won nearly 25% of the PGA tournaments that he has played in. So basically, he wins a tournament one time for every four that he enters. How could you not like Tiger??? Let's keep it real, if you take out the racial thing, he is the perfect golfer. On the course he has every shot in the bag, which is amazing all by itself, he gets mad when he hits a bad shot, he acknowledges the great shots, he loves a good match, but he also likes dominating. Tiger keeps himself in top condition, he doesn't smoke, and he is constantly trying to improve his game. Off the course, he handles the media with class, he wears nice clothes, he has a wife that is beautiful, he loves his parents, he donates to charity and overall probably is a nice guy. How could somebody at a golf tournament have the nerve ( or to many drinks) to throw an apple at Tiger?


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At 5:21 AM, Blogger Shumail Ayub said...

Overall you tried to described him as a most righteous person on the planet of earth ... lol. He is a superb player no doubts.
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