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Friday, July 21, 2006

Tiger is Back

I saw an interview that Tiger gave on Wednesday, I knew at that point that he was back. It didn't have anything to do with what he said, it was all in his eyes. The question was something about Nick Faldo, he made eye contact with the person who asked the question and never blinked. That doesn't seem like much, but at the time it stood out in my mind. He just had a look of calmness that was glaring.

Today he goes out puts on a clinic on how to play a links style golf course. It was amazing to see him adapt his game to the course. Tiger hit 12/14 fairways and 16/18 greens in regulation, that is the dream of every golfer in the tournament. If you have never had a golf fantasy, that would be a good place to start. Regardless of what happens, even though I don't see him collapsing like Phil, it doesn't matter whether he wins or loses, I'm just glad he's back.


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